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Foot Type Direct Heat Sealer

Wu-Hsing Direct Heat Sealer comes with alum. Casting, is excellent for sealing Cellophane, humidity-proof cellophane, Nylon, KOP, alum. Foil coated, and gusset material. Sealers are ideal for having a beautiful mesh and line pattern sealing. Max. temperature: 300℃ (adjustable) Sealing width: 15mm or 10mm (optional) Warm up time: 10 min. Must keep its setting temperature.

In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer

※Stainless steel housing ※Oil-filling Pump for less sauce, powder, liquid ※Negative pressure principle ※Keep food fresh ※Extend the Retention period of products. ※Against rust , moisture ※※But has size

Shrink pack sealer

*Hand operated. 100% made in Taiwan *L Bars Sealing *Impulse sealing with electronic control. *Easy to operate. *All metal construction *Heating Element: 0.32mm *Suitable : POF, PVC, PE, PP, OPP …Shrinkablematerials Model  WH-450L WH-600L  Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V Power (Watt.) 1.9KW 2.4KW Max. sealing  450 *450* 0.32mm 600*450 *0.32mm Heating Time 0-1.8 sec. 0-1.8 sec. Max. Temperature 250 ℃ 250 ℃ Dimension 604*715*180mm 710*515*154mm 604*865*180mm 710*665*154mm Weight 39 KGS 46 KGS