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Date Imprinter

  • Model No.:DH-8DN
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features


~100% Made in Taiwan~

Wu-Hsing’s DH-8DN SERIES HAND TYPE DATE IMPRINTER is constant heat type. Before using the machine, warming up for 7-10mins is necessary. There are two sizes of ink ribbon (25mm*120M/35mm*120M) for choice. Besides, there are two sizes of letter (2mm*3mm/2.5mm/4mm)for selection. It is capable of 3 lines imprinting, and each line holds 12 letters or 13 letters, printing MFG, EXP, and LOT ...etc. The wearable ink ribbon is used on the coder, and the print is not going to fade easily. It is ideal for bags, box, stickers, even transparent blister box.


*Special characters are available.


*Hand press type

*Warm-up time: 7-10minutes

*Temperature is adjustable.

* Recycle the Printing film

*A letter box is attached on each machine.


We cordially invite you to the Taiwan Pavilion, at HUB Cámara Santo Domingo on 6-9 March, 2018.



Model DH-8DN DH-8DN
Item No. DH-8D 3TC DH-8D 4TC
Voltage 110V/220V
Coding Area 8*22mm
Film Size 25*120mm 35*120mm
Letter Size 2*3mm 2.5*4mm
Weight 3.5KG 4.5KG
Dimension 250*155*236mm
Letter Line 3 Lines
Made Taiwan
Letter Box "0"*8, "1"*9, "2"*9, "3"-"9"*4, "0."-"9."*3, "MFG"*2, "EXP"*2 "0"*8, "1"*9, "3"-"9"*4, "0."-"9."*3,"MFG"*2, "EXP"*2

Main Export Market



  • DH-8DN

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